To my son

On September 25, 2021, I gave birth to a 6 lb baby boy. My first child.

On March 25, 2022 he turned 6 months old. He barely fit into any of his clothes, and then one day, he outgrew half of them.

I realized I didn’t want to do anything that kept me away from you, so I decided to be a full time stay at home mom. I didn’t know what love between a mom and a child was until I made that decision. I’m fortunate to even have that decision to make. My bond with you only continues to grow.

Jared, you’re half a year old already. I’m excited to be present for your milestones and help you be the best you can be. Keep growing, learning, laughing, and smiling.

Mommy and Daddy

Published by

Sharon Burns

I was born and raised in a home out in the country, a refurbished building out of an old restaurant. My grandpa, dad, and uncle–when they were much younger–built the house by hand. I made many wonderful childhood memories there and was taught the Catholic faith by my grandma, my dad, and other relatives. I married my wonderful husband in December 2020 and found that we were pregnant within a month of our marriage! Our excitement–and anxiety–grows every day. As people from different faith backgrounds, husband and I came to an agreement where we would allow our child to choose their own path in regards to faith. We will teach them our respective faiths and let them choose their place when they’re ready.

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